Hyperemesis diaries (Introduction): “Beginning at the end”

Hyperemesis diaries (Introduction): “Beginning at the end”

Here he is, already. Finally it is finished, he was born. I have him in front of me looking around with the surprised eyes of a 120 years old. He is seeing a world that is not his yet, but it is there to be conquered. He fills the room with smell to brand new life.

The pain is gone, the helplessness is gone, the fear, the lost of weight at the hospital borderline to for needing a reinforcement feeding bottle. Expression that make us tremble when we want to breast feed the baby, he gained weight without it, he shit, he pissed, and even he gave us the first big scare: Vomiting blood!!! No panic it seems to be due to the nipple cracks and the blood was mine. And of course first visit to the emergency room where they look at you with commiseration “Oh, my! Mothers!!”. Even worst when as I am, you are as well an MD… oh, my! Oh, my!, oh,my! But, you know what? It is OK, I was reassured and we could sleep. And yes they have arrive, and luckily disappeared, as well the nipple cracks and their pain. The night sleeping by two hours intervals, and that when lucky because the baby is a good sleeper. And in fact this nights are here to stay for a long while.

Yes, all that just happen recently and now is when I decided to write my diaries of my time with hyperemesis. I have two main reasons for that, the first is because I think is a clinical entity very little appreciated and even minimized most of the time. And so very often the pregnant women feel as we are a crybaby craving for attention or worse. Who has not vomit whenever? But, my friends this is not just vomiting sometime this is much worse. The second reason is more of a practical one. I though of this during the months of my pregnancy, specially because I had a medical leave because I had a high-risk pregnancy, but I was unable to write a single sentence. I do not know if this happen to you as well, but during pregnancy, both of them, I have proven incapable to think, to articulate a coherent discourse. I do not know the reason but I am unable to read which happens to be my favourite hobby. Moreover I get absolutely absent-minded having more than once terrible mistakes with important consequences.

Anyway as any modern novel, beginning at the end has as well some incentives. Just in case and very specially dedicated to the women that vomits any time there they go my memories of this recent past.

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